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We advise that you know enough about what you are doing to be able to question the advice given to you. When you post in the subreddit, people will answer your question with confidence who know less than you do.

A few things to keep in mind: - Question all the advice you are given on our community. - Most tutorials, especially YouTube tutorials go out of date quickly - Be CAREFUL with the links you click on posted by other users.

Webhub Content

We’ve devised some databases that might help you along with your Wii related journey

  1. Rules : These are our communty rules.
  2. Tutorials : Tutorials created by and for our own community.
  3. About Us : More about the creators and administrators of the community.

Community Platforms

Here is a list of quicklinks to the different platforms rWiiHacks occupies:

  1. Discord : Join us for a discussion! We’re almost always on during US Hours.
  2. Reddit : Where it all began! Our most popular platform with over 70k users subscribed!
  3. YouTube : Our produced video content. Wii related game play as well as PC and other Nintendo related videos.
  4. Twitch : We always cross-stream to Twitch for all our formal live streams, and you’ll often see us dinking on Twitch for our informal streams.
  5. Twitter : Brand new, sorely neglected. Currently it is used as highlight reel from our Discord.
  6. Patreon YES! You can support the community!

Contacting Us

If your issue has to deal with a specific platform, please contact a moderator on the platform you need help with.

  • Modmail on Reddit is the best way to get quick support regarding any part of our community.
  • Contacting @Staff on our Discord should get you a fairly quick response. However the moderator staff on Discord isn’t always assured to be able to help you with problems on other platforms.

Private Messages are not welcome and do not protect either participant from mischief. Please use official contact methods.

Lastly, if communication with the direct owner of the community is needed please contact [email protected]