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Why Run Burned Games?

There are quite a few people out there who inquire about running burned DVDs on a Wii. I wanted to address it because it’s not a simple yes or no situation.

Can it be done?

Maybe. This depends on the disc drive in your Wii. If your Wii is a black or red RVL-001 Wii (with gamecube ports) or any RVL-101 Wii (no gamecube ports) or an RVL-201 (Wii Mini), the answer is no, you cannot run burned discs, unless you swap in a compatible disc drive.

That leaves us with the white RVL-001, the original Wii that most people are familiar with. In order to know if yours is compatible, the easiest way is to download the homebrew app WiiMC, insert a movie DVD or something, and see if WiiMC will play it. If it plays, the drive is compatible. If you get an error saying it’s not compatible, the drive is incompatible.

With the exception of the Wii Mini, disc drives can be swapped between Wiis, so if you really need the ability to run DVDs and you have an incompatible drive, all you have to do is find a compatible one.

Should it be done?

No. It shouldn’t. Wii Optical Discs (which are different from your standard DVD) have a lower read speed than DVDs, and the Wii disc drive is built accordingly. Therefore, using a standard DVD will put more stress on the disc drive due to the higher read speeds, which means the drive will wear out sooner. USB loading works better anyway, so there’s no real reason to use DVDs on the Wii.

How is it done?

For loading games burned to DVD, there are a few options:

For loading movies and other entertainment from a DVD, the easiest option is using WiiMC.


So, to summarize it all

Can you? - Maybe, depends on the Wii

Should you? - No, definitely not

How do you do it? - A variety of softmods and/or hardmods