1. Be Civil


Why should you read this? We try to make our rules as simple and as intuitive as possible. If you are unsure what constitutes being uncivil, this is your guide.

Directed Insults

We understand that kidding around is something that friends often do. However to have a very inclusive community some sacrifices must be made.

A directed insult at someone, no matter how minor, should be kept to a minimum if not avoided all together. This will range from calling someone something as innocuous as a ‘dummy’ or as severe as a ‘motherfucker’.

Being hostile towards another user in this way will almost certainly draw the attention of the staff of the community.

Indirect Insults

Racial slurs, sexist terms, hate terms, etc. Speech like this is not welcome. Assuming you warrant a warning, you will most likely be banned from the community.

Bullying, Harassing

  • Reddit has strict policies against bullying and harassing.
  • I’m sure almost all our platforms have these policies …
  • Downplaying making someone feel bad by mis-directing blame. “That’s not an insult. It’s their fault.” or my fave “I was just kidding.” Making someone feel bad in a way that any reasonable person can construe as aggressive will draw the notice of the staff. The name for this is ‘gaslighting’.

Giving Misleading Advice

  • Users suspected to be giving incorrect advice maliciously or out of sheer ignorance will be banned.
  • Giving advice that would have a high potential to brick someone’s system will be banned, regardless of reason.


Please make the staff of the community aware of the issue. In the case of a few of these issues (such as malicious advice) only we can help you.

But in cases where the person you are being confronted with is violating the platform’s terms of service, please report them via the methods given by the platform.


  • If you have questions regarding the rules or bans, please feel free to message the moderators via Modmail on Reddit.